Captain's Bar, S.College St, Edinburgh

The answers to questions we are often asked

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No Food

No kitchen/ no food at Captains

We reccommend nearby food places:

Ciao Roma, South Bridge, family run Italian, pizza and pasta and knickerbocker glories

Spoon, spacious Scottish food Cafe/ Bistro, Nicholson Street

Mother India - Indian restaurant

Thai Basil - Thai restaurant


No to under 18 year olds

Sorry. Due to strict Edinburgh licensing laws, no under 18 year olds may enter the pub at any time. The licensing law was set up to protect young people. Shame for us though as we'd love to have a family atmosphere during the day.


Size and Seating

Captains is a small bar.  We have a total of 28 seats.  Musicians use the back area of the pub when they play so there are less seats. Please come early if you want to get a seat. There are always people coming and going though so hang around for half an hour and a seat beside the musicians might become available.



Our folk singers are playing and singing without the aid of amplifiers or microphones.  We don't ask for silence but if someone is singing on their own it is common for people to fall silent so that they can hear the singer.



We have a selection of Scottish single malt whiskies from each of the whisky regions in Scotland. We'd be happy to recommend something for you.



Hi folks, Captains bar is mainly for Scottish folk and acoustic music. There is no stage and no equipment. Our wonderful musicians play sitting around a table. Below you will find the links for some of our regular musicians.

Links for some of our amazing musicians


Allan Johnston

Martin Boland is originally from Dundee, a folk singer with an amazing knowledge of all that is folk. Martin sings and plays guitar 

Ciaran McGhee - Ciaran sings and plays the guitar and bodhran

Kevin Gore.  Edinburgh singer and songwriter Kevin sings his popular and political songs in Captains bar

Neil Thomson Singer and guiar player Neil is often to be fund at Captains bar

Sean Paul Newman, Singer and guitarist

Cauldstane Slap, traditional music collective

Ewan Wilkinson Singer and guitarist.

Alan Hunter, Singer and guitarist

Sangstream folk choir

Sergio Bueno

John Anaya

Henry Ibbs

Gallus Crows 




31st December - New Years Eve big bash

We're having a big Hogmanay party.  Old friends and new to welcome in the new year with us.  Music in the afternoon and then from midnight. Midnight we bring in the bells and later our special bagpiper plays for the new year.  Wear tartan and prepare to enjoy.

LOUISE MARSHALL  Bagpiper.  Louise was chosen to wear the limited edition 'Papal Visit Tartan', which was especially created to mark the 2010 visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Scotland, at the official launch of the tartan at the Scottish Parliament.

Louise was also chosen to perform for Her Majesty The Queen at the official naming ceremony of her new ocean liner 'Queen Elizabeth' in Southampton in October 2010. The Great Highland Bagpipe is a deeply entrenched part of the Marshall Family tradition.  Louise's father, the late William Joseph Marshall, was the piper at Gretna Green for 44 years.  Together, Louise's family has promoted Scotland's national instrument worldwide for over 80 years.   You can find out more about Louise and see some classic photos at


Acoustic Music at Captains

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We know a very good Osteopath - Clo Chereau